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MagicBoardGames was found in November 2013, started as a hobby and now evolved into a provider of hundreds of board games.


In late 2012 to beginning of 2013, KS was introduced with a few new board games (Dixit, Pictionary, Blokus), which seeded the interest. In a gaming session in mid-2013 introduced by a friend named Cheryl, held in a board-game cafe located near Prince Edward MTR station (Hong Kong), played a board game named RATTUS, together with the discovery of the game QUORIDOR, heavily motivated KS to the world of tabletop board games.

In 2015 July 10, a physical gaming place has been established in Kwai Hing, at 10-14 Kung Yip Street, Rear Block, Floor 6, Unit C. The site has approximately 400~500 square feet, with hundreds of board games available.

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